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2013 Shaklee Dream Cruise – Caribbean Cruise

Want to get away on the 2013 Shaklee Dream Cruise?

One of the many rewards of building a Shaklee business is the opportunity to travel… and not just travel, but travel, in style!

This year, Shaklee is rewarding its successful leaders with an incredible 7 night cruise aboard the Celebrity® Summit® exploring the exotic beauty of the islands of the Southern Caribbean!

I’m planning to go on this trip and I want you there with me!

If you’re interested in learning more about how you can earn this incredible trip, take a look at this video and give me a call today! Read more »

Fast Food Diets Are Killing Americans - Why Supplement with Shaklee

Why You Should Supplement For Your Health

This is an article that was written by Dr. Jamie McManus (M.D., FAAFP, Chair of Medical Affairs, Health Science, & Education at Shaklee).

It was originally published on the Shaklee Health Wise blog on September 11, 2012 but it carries a good message so I wanted to share it here.

I really like the video, btw.  ;-)



As a physician, I have always been more focused on the prevention of disease rather than just waiting until treatment is necessary.

Over the past 30 years or so, we have learned so much about what we need to do to prevent the most devastating, chronic diseases facing our society today. Our diets and our lifestyles have become less healthy and less active—with the result being a continuing increase in the prevalence of heart disease, diabetes, and cancer in the past 10 years.

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Join Shaklee FREE with any product order, extended through May 31, 2012

Shaklee’s Join Free with Any Product Order Extended Through May 31

Shaklee’s Join Free with Any Product Order Extended Through May 31

Shaklee's Join Free with Any Product Order Extended Through May 31

Between now and May 31, purchase any Shaklee product or products*, and we’ll waive the $19.95 membership fee!

Think of it as Join Free Your Way – it allows you to enjoy the products that you are like and are interested in!


*  New Members can join Shaklee with any product order and an application, and Shaklee will waive their $19.95 membership fee. An order must be placed at the time of sponsoring. Sponsorship points will only be awarded with a 50PV order for new Members. Offer valid through May 31, 2012. Offer subject to change without notice.



Shawn Gray and Carmen Gray - The newest Shaklee Presidential Master Coordinators

New Shaklee Presidential Master Coordinators Shawn and Carmen Gray

Congratulations to Shaklee’s newest Presidential Master Coordinators, Shawn and Carmen Gray!

I saw their story in my e-mail and in my Shaklee back office when I logged in yesterday and wanted to share it with anyone who may be wondering what is possible with Shaklee if you have a dream and are dedicated to work hard toward that dream with Shaklee.

So, read on below for the story from the Shaklee member site.

Also, if you want to hear their story, here are Carmen and Shawn in their Shaklee Lifestyle video from our Opportunity DVD:

Shawn and Carmen Gray’s Shaklee Lifestyle


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Dream It. Believe It. Achieve It. Reach your Goals.

February Update On My 2012 Goals

It’s already March 1st and my list of goals for 2012 is constantly changing!

Wow!  Where did February go?  Last month seemed to fly by and, while I did get some very good things accomplished, I fell flat on some others.

So, what goals did I make progress on and what do I have to work harder at in March?

Read on to find out…


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My Shaklee Mayan Riviera Dream Trip post hits #1 on Google for the search term "Mayan Riviera Shaklee"! Page 1, baby!

My Shaklee Mayan Riviera Dream Trip Post Is #1 On Google!

My October 26th, 2011 post, “Earn a Free Trip to the Mayan Riviera with Shaklee!“, is ranked #1 on the first page of Google for the search term “Mayan Riviera Shaklee“!

How Awesome!?

I was doing several business related things online this weekend and decided to check how my SEO is doing so I did a few searches for a few of my articles and was quite excited to see that one in the #1 spot!


Of course I would LOVE to earn my vacation to the Mayan Riviera with Shaklee this October so I’ve got to get started sponsoring and taking on more business partners!

If you would like to earn a free vacation from Shaklee to the Mayan Riviera, or even their incredible Safari vacation to Kenya this year, contact me!


We’ll discuss how Shaklee can fit into your life and get started working toward your dreams!

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Shaklee CoQHeart with Q-Trol Featured Image

Introducing New Triple Strength CoQHeart with Q-Trol From Shaklee

Shaklee’s New Triple Strength CoQHeart® with Q-Trolis here!

The new Triple Strength CoQHeart® with Q-Trol™ delivers a powerful 100 mg of CoQ10 plus resveratrol in a bioavailable softgel. CoQ10 is vital for energy production in the heart and promotes and protects healthy arteries, while resveratrol helps relax blood vessels to promote healthy blood flow.*


 Now with 3x more CoQ10 and Resveratrol, new CoQHeart is available now and can be purchased at a 10% discount when added to your AutoShip. That’s triple the strength for essentially the same cost on AutoShip!


Buy Shaklee CoQHeart Now

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The word "Goals" spelled out in children's wooden blocks.

My 2012 Goals Update For January

The first month of 2012 is almost in the history books so how am I progressing toward my goals for this year?


Things are starting off well but progress toward some goals is going a little slower than I originally thought it would.


One of my personal goals of getting into my best shape ever and running a few half marathons this year is coming along nicely.

I’ve been doing more weight and strength training than I did last year while preparing for the Columbus Marathon so I’m feeling better and I’m seeing some physical changes too!

I’m not one to step on a scale every day (or every week) so I’ll probably weigh myself in a couple weeks and see what kind of progress I’m making.

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Shaklee Sports Nutrition. Energy Chews. Performance. Physique.

Shaklee Sports Nutrition Webinar With Les Wong And Tina Fusser

I was logged in to my Shaklee back office yesterday, looking for updates, and I came across this webinar presentation on Shaklee Sports Nutrition products given by fitness instructor and nutrition coach, Tina Fusser and Les Wong, Vice President of Shaklee Health Sciences.


I am a full on advocate of the benefit of using Shaklee Sports Nutrition products vs. any other thing that you can find at the grocery store because I know the difference it makes, firsthand.


Shaklee Sports Nutrition Pure Performance Shirt

Shaklee Sports Nutrition Pure Performance Shirt

If you’ve read my About Me page or have seen any of the posts in which I mention running you’ll know that I used to drink G2 sports drink because it was easy to get at any store.


It wasn’t the best tasting stuff, though, because it is way to syrupy and sweet for my tastes.


I eventually “realized”/remembered that I was a Shaklee Distributor and I knew that there were great Shaklee Sports Nutrition products that I could try so I logged into my Shaklee account and started comparing Shaklee Sports Nutrition products with the stuff that I had been using.

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SOPA and PIPA. Stop Online Piracy Act. PROTECT IP Act.

SOPA & PIPA. Why Your Favorite Websites Are Dark Today.

I’m sure most of you have seen the acronyms SOPA and PIPA around the web today and, by now, you probably know what they mean.


If not, here are a few quick resources to check out to get more information on the Stop Online Piracy Act and the PROTECT IP Act which are two pieces of legislation introduced to the U.S. Congress which could, potentially, have very far-reaching effects on the free and open internet that we love and use.

  1. Wikipedia’s SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) page
  2. Wikipedia’s PIPA (PROTECT IP Act) page
  3. Google’s End Piracy, Not Liberty page with information on both acts and an informative pdf


Take the time to learn more and voice your opinion by signing a petition and contacting your representative. Read more »

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